i swear she's destined for the
screen, closest thing to michelle pfeiffer that you've ever seen

"I think it would be better if I just figure it out myself."

friend: how r u today?
me: submarine soundtrack
"On a whim he snaps Harry’s purple plastic toothbrush in half, and for a second it makes everything okay, so he snaps his razor too, then his fucking fancy lavender soap from Italy, throwing the pieces in the bath. He pours his aftershave down the sink and he smashes the bottle in a spare drawer and he throws his moisturizer into the bin so hard that it splits in two. He has no idea how he’s doing it, it’s like some HULK cross mother-with-a-baby-trapped-under-a-car shit, and well, isn’t that a fucking great joke, babies, and to stop himself from punching the mirror he bites down very hard on his wrist and throws out every bottle of lube in their bathroom, and then smashes his own aftershave, crushes Harry’s expensive bath salts down the sink and holds himself up on the counter and cries until Zayn drags him out and pours half his liquor cabinet down his throat."

like a bastard on the burning sea


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Hair rattier than my existence

You’re not starting to like me or anything, are you?
Like you?
Like, fall in love or anything weird?
Good, don’t.

person: but what if your parents had aborted YOU
me: well okay for starters i wouldn't have been forced to hear that stupid ass comment you just made


time for tea


Row One: #FFF2F1 #FFE5E6 #FFE5E6 

Row Two: #FBC9D5 #FFDBE5 #FFE8E6

pvcharry katie what color was the 5s u got

false alarm i went to pick up the iphone 6 plus and decided it was way too massive so i’m gonna wait a few days and just get the 6

♡ I  D O N T   N E E D   L I G H T,  I ’ M   M Y  O W N  S U N